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Cultivating Courage: A Transformative Weekend in Colby Kansas

Posted by Kerissa Payne on

Cultivating Courage: A Transformative Weekend in Colby Kansas

I recently embarked on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment at the "Cultivating Courage" event in Colby, Kansas. This two-day experience left me inspired, motivated, and armed with newfound tools to tackle challenges both personally and professionally.

Powerful Speakers and Growth Insights

The event featured an array of incredible speakers whose words resonated deeply with me. Their stories and insights were not only impactful but also served as catalysts for personal growth. I was particularly struck by the diverse range of topics covered and the practical exercises provided by the speakers. They had everything from a pelvic floor therapist to a nutritionist to life coaches, authors, pastors, and even everyday women sharing their stories.

One of the major areas of growth for me was in overcoming the paralyzing impact of fear. In my business, I've allowed fear to hinder my problem-solving abilities. The event empowered me with exercises and wisdom from the speakers, prompting me to confront and address the challenges I had been avoiding. Today marks day one of actively working to solve these issues, armed with the understanding that progress takes time and a clear mind.

Sharing Unfinished Stories and Building Connections

A profound realization from the weekend was that my story doesn't have to be complete to be shared. The authenticity and vulnerability of the speakers and fellow attendees opened my eyes to the fact that many women share similar struggles with self-worth and anxiety. Together, we learned that we can navigate through these challenges without letting fear alter the course of our lives. Will it be tough? Yes! Will there be times I struggle? Yes! But I can do it, God equipped me, and let me know I am not meant to conquer that problem alone!

Gratitude and Attitude Control

Another key takeaway was the importance of controlling what I can: my attitude and my gratitude. Life events and timelines may be beyond our control, but maintaining a positive mindset and appreciating the present can make a significant difference. In a delightful turn of events, a long-awaited prayer was answered as we went into contract on our old piece of land. This unexpected blessing reinforced my belief that God's plan is superior to mine, and that our dreams will unfold in ways beyond our imagination.

Living in the Present

The weekend prompted a shift in my perspective, urging me to stop dwelling in the "what if" world and start living in the REAL here and now world. Accepting the reality of our circumstances, finding peace in the now, and trusting in God's plan became paramount. This newfound clarity allowed me to appreciate where I am, even as I strive for more. I struggled with the idea that the offer "could have been more" "what if we waited longer", the truth is that the virtual reality was taking away from our families joy, and causing us to fear our reality and not appreciate it.

The offer was great, it is God's plan and God's time and I am grateful for God and where he wants my family to go, even if it wasn't what I wanted. Ultimately God's plan will not only always be better, but my life is meant to serve him and glorify him, and I know that this weekend did just that. The offer came on my husband's birthday, it came when we had given up, it gave me peace, and my faith grew deeper because of it. Will we find more land to buy here soon before our legal clock runs out? I don't know, but I do know God has a plan, he has a path for us, and I have peace in that.

Health Focus and Self-Care Commitment

In addition to the mental and emotional growth, the event provided a clear guide to improving aspects of my health, something I have put off because its beyond my control. Something I had been putting off – a visit to the doctor regarding my slightly elevated blood pressure – became a priority. Acknowledging the reality and addressing my health concerns head-on, I am now committed to making positive lifestyle changes, but also making an appointment and stopping fear from controlling my actions. I learned that caffeine before food wasn't great, my increased screen time could be impacting my health, my lack of food and only one meal a day could be contributing to my health, my lack of water and overdone caffeine consumption wasn't my best choice if it meant I wasn't eating or drinking any water all day. 


Closing Thoughts and Recommendation

If you find yourself struggling, feeling lost, or in need of encouragement, I wholeheartedly recommend attending the "Cultivating Courage" conference. The impact on my personal and professional life has been immeasurable. This transformative weekend has equipped me with the courage to face challenges, appreciate the present, and trust in the journey ahead. As I continue to cultivate courage, I look forward to a future filled with growth, gratitude, and the fulfillment of dreams.

Link to Cultivating Courage! I share this to help you find your courage too! This wasn't paid and the organizer will likely never see this, but it might help you personally, professionally and spiritually too.

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  • Very inspiring article and grateful you were able to attend the conference and walk away so empowered!

    Jane on

  • Sooo well written, my friend. Amen & Amen! “Being where my feet are” is one of my HARDEST mindsets… or more so, “being where God put my feet.” So glad I got to see you!

    Lindsay on

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