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Kerissa's Pick's for Mother's Day!

Posted by Kerissa Payne on

Kerissa's Pick's for Mother's Day!

Kerissa's Pick's for Mother's Day!

  1. Wine- This year skip the stress of walking through the isles at the grocery store, googling all the wine, to find one you think your loved one likes. This mother's day think of a few wines your mom does like, and text them to my friend Kerri. Kerri not only helped me get wine within my budget, she helped me navigate the win selection available. On friday I told her what I liked, gave her my budget, and she sent over a list of things I might like. They have everything from $10 bottles all the way up to investment grade. So I know what your thinking, "Can I afford a great bottle of wine?" Yes, we ordered a lot of nice bottles, from bubbly to cab's under $40. I ordered a mixed case of wine on Friday, it ships on Monday and will arrive on Tuesday. So if you are looking for a great gift for mom, tell Kerri I sent you over.

    Kerri Maravich

    Wine Consultant

    Office:  631.504.5336

    Call / Text:  412.334.5641




  2. Chocolate or something sweet. Make sure you place it somewhere safe, so when she wakes up she can enjoy it without kids taking it from her. If she likes crumble cookie you can always check the app to see what she usually orders
  3. A great steak dinner, (we have you covered with that prime beef) where she can enjoy the meal, she doesn't have to stress to clean everything up, and she gets to play with her kids or grandkids after. Great lean cuts that have exceptional flavor: Denver Steak, Pichanna (Should be grilled and skewered), NY Strip, Filets, individual or wholes for a small gathering.
  4. Birkenstocks - If you have a mom like me, who only owns a few pairs of shoes, no longer owns a pair of dress shoes, these are for her. It allows her to dress up this summer, feel great, comfy, and serves several purposes. Birkenstocks make a great gift. 
  5. Selfcare-This year I have been trying to prioritize selfcare.(Yoga) (I never thought I was a yoga person), but Kayla has helped me start to regain some core strength again. After having kids there is a myth out there that you will pee yourself when you sneeze, the truth is our core isn't what it was before having kids, but we can regain our strength and our confidence again. Dr. Kayla Borchers- Yoga & PT in central Ohio. Hello@drkaylaborchers.com. (Massage) My friend Taylor is one of the BEST massage therapists I have ever had. She gets deep into the root cause of your tension and works it out. If your loved one likes a deep tissue style of massage where they work out the tension to relieve pressure and pain, she is your girl. Taylor is a massage therapist at Grandview Primary Care. She just became a mom herself last year! 
  6. Carhartt Force Relaxed Fit Women's Tank. If your a mom who likes to workup a sweat during the summer this tank if for you. Its light and breathable, it's perfect for those busy summer days, morning runs, or outdoor fun, Carhartt is for more than farmers', they have something for everyone. Other recommendations are their NEW v-neck tees, and their Sherpa lined vests  
  7. Expresso Machine, one that will give her the power to keep going on the toughest of days. This machine is something Charlie had long before we met, and it's still going. Its a great way to save money on coffee. If your wife buys 6-7 cups of coffee out every month this will pay for itself. 
  8. Bling Hat like mine. This Olive & Pique Hat is great for those drop off days where you haven't brushed your hair and you still want to look put together. This hat is one that will last forever and is always something I love to receive. 

  9. Staub Pan- If your wife likes to cook, treat her to a nice pan. This pan is something that anyone who likes to cook would love. Great cookware breeds more cooking and better cooking in my opinion. This one is even on sale today!  

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