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Our Word Should Mean Something

Posted by Kerissa Payne on

Our Word Should Mean Something

Honesty, Integrity, and His Word

I fell in love with Charlie on our first date.. I could tell he was an old soul and a man of his word. Together our family believes in honesty first, integrity every time, and keeping our promises every chance we can get. I felt a strong urge today to share our story with you and what Sustainable and Pasture Raised MEANS to us.

Sustainable Farming and Pasture Raised

-Is more than words written on a Farmer’s Market sign.
-It is more than a pretty picture we pitch to customers.
-The truth is, its not pretty, its hard, its dirty, and its always imperfect to the naked eye.


I pride myself on supporting all farms, all practices, and all people in this industry because I know it takes everyone of us to feed this country and the world.

What I struggle with is the misuse or mislabeling farms, even ones in my backyard, try and use. If you are proud of your farm and your practices, you shouldn't feel the need to pretend to be something that you are not.

Pasture Raised to me, means on down pours of rain, we smell like wet chickens and we are covered in chicken pop, because we spent the last few hours moving wet birds to dry ground. It means moving chickens even after I feel like I could fall over from exhaustion. It means moving sheep every few days because they need new grass, and keeping the cattle rotated so they “mow” and “fertilize” our fields sustainably, long term, and naturally. It means having to put up sheep every time a storm rolls in, because the fence went off, and they are trying to get in with the chickens.

Being a farmer who practices rotational grazing is hard, its dirty, its not pretty, and its labor intensive. However to us, we rely on rotational grazing, because if not the animals wouldn't be working to improve the soil, they would be destroying it. Our practices are done to heal the soil on our farm and grow more than meat for families. 

So instead of bashing another farm, I challenge you to ask a farm who uses the term pasture raised, ask them what that means to them, if their animals are moved rotationally, and what practices of theirs would they consider to be sustainable.

Our farms ultimate goal is soil health. We can tell you why each of our decisions was made for the LONG TERM benefit of our soil and the planet. But not every farm can.

We pride ourselves on honesty, and although we are far from perfect, honesty means something to us, and we don’t ever wish to pretend to be something that we are not.


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  • Thanks for all your hard work! It is already paying off in the products you offer ❤️

    Deb on

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