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Kerissa's Gift Guide

Posted by Kerissa Payne on

Kerissa's Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide 


We know that this year, the Holiday Season is a little different, but many people still plan to celebrate the holidays, they will just look a little differently this year. First we would like to focus on small business. Small businesses are the backbone of this country and we know how much our business means to them. Every purchase you make with a small business is another bill paid for their family or another meal on their table. I have included a few other businesses that we support and feel a direct connection with.


Small Businesses We Plan to Support this Holiday


 Covey Rise Farm Gift Boxes

Give the gift of a Covey Rise Farm Meat box. We will be gifting this to our grandparents, and my brother-in-law this year. We offer customizable boxes to meet your loved ones needs, and fill them with joy this holiday. Our meat boxes allow families and friends to create lasting memories! Give the gift that keeps on giving.


 Oreo Card Bundles

Oreo Card Bundles make the best gifts to loved ones! We plan to include these in stocking stuffers and gift boxes this holiday. They are well made and bring joy to anyone who receives them.


Roasted Almond & Honey Roasted Peanut

By: Shell Dust

Our friends at Shell Dust make a premium Roasted Almond & Honey Roasted Peanut Spread that will bring a whole new vision to the word peanut butter. We plan to stock-up on these items ourselves and gift them in stockings this year. Everyone needs some quality staples in their pantry, and this is one you will want to eat.



Lila Naturals

As someone who has sensitive skin, I haven't found a product from them that bothers me. I love their face scrubs, body lotion, hand sanitizer, and I can't wait to try their bath bombs. They strive for quality products with natural ingredients. 




Watercolor Cards

If you have seen our Oreo cards, than you are already familiar with the amazing work of Pepper Pod Art. They not only do an amazing job, they are also very  reasonable. Gift a set of her cards to a loved one, add them to a gift set, or send them out to old friend for some encouragement. Hand painted cards carry so much more meaning and thought. We plan to add these to some stockings and gift boxes we are sending out to loved ones this year. 


Local Macaron Baker!

I never liked Macaron's until I had these beauties. She makes them herself in a commercial kitchen, and the detail and flavor is beyond your imagination. We not only have our own Thanksgiving order in, I placed an order for stocking stuffers for all, including myself. These are better than candy, and have so much more meaning. You could also use them as an "I care gift". We all have those people we like to pass along something extra to this time of year, mail carriers, teaching, hairdressers or even neighbors, and this is a gift they would LOVE.




Rocking Bar H Rancher's Wife Necklace/Wrap Bracelet

This bracelet was gifted to me early this fall and is one of my favorite pieces. It's beautiful, well made, and the perfect addition to any outfit. I plan to gift this piece to some loved ones on their birthday this year.



Seed & Gather Wreath

Fall Wreath Kit by Seed & Gather

We plan to gift this to a loved one this year. I plan to make one with them, and spend the holiday making memories. This would be so much fun for someone you wont be able to see or someone you plan to visit this winter. It is beautifully packed and well made. It is a gift on our list and one we say is a best buy this year.



Sunset View Creamery

Holiday Gift Box by Sunset Valley Creamery

This is a gift box bound to help your loved ones relax or entertain. They are one of our favorite cheese companies, and have countless holiday boxes up for grabs this year. Prior to Christmas they were only shipping to their Creamery Club Members, so take advantage of this opportunity and grab some of this mouth watering cheese.



Hank Shaw's Cookbook

Pheasant, Quail, Cottontail by Hank Shaw

This is one of our FAVORITE Cookbooks, many of the recipes he describes within can be substituted with turkey or chicken. Hank is by far one of the best chefs I have ever met. The detail he puts into his dishes and the flavor are by far the best we have ever had. We purchased signed copies for my father-in-law last year and he was over the moon.




New Hampshire maple syrup

New Hampshire Pure Maple Syrup

Gowen Family Farm Maple Syrup is well made, perfectly packaged and tastes exceptional. This is the maple syrup in our kitchen, and we will be gifting it to some loved ones this year. Include a cute family recipe, add this to a gift box, or gift this to someone near and dear.




Beef Sticks

Callison Ranch Beef Sticks 

We purchased these beef sticks for my dad for father's day and he was one happy camper. They are the perfect gift for any loved one this year. We will be gifting this beautiful box along with keeping it on our short list for easy gifts that ship.




Marys Cookbook

Ranch Raised Cookbook-Mary Heffernan

This cookbook is the perfect gift to any loved one that you want to make memories with. Mary's cookbook is loaded with real recipes for real families. We plan to use this cookbook this holiday season, making many recipes from this book and memories that will last a lifetime. 




Women's NoGA Sculpting Ultra High Rise Leggings

These leggings are on sale today and are by far my favorite leggings to date! Their pockets are perfect, they don't show too much, fit great, and they even hold up to the rigors of farm life! These are on my Christmas List for sure! I wear leggings 90% of the time, so these could be gifted several times and my excitement would only increase with each pair.

milwaukee hat


Milwaukee Hat 

The best hat for those who work outside. This hat is by far our favorite hat for the winter season ahead. We have some already purchased for my dad and a few friends. Stock up before they sell out, they won't last long.



Ranch School

Ranch School by Five Marys Farms

The ranch school is such a fun idea that your kids will enjoy. With everyone being home for the holidays you will need something they enjoy to keep them busy and ranch school, is not only educational, its fun!


Poultry Netting

We have tried every netting option out there and have been left disappointed. We will be making the switch to the gallagher poultry netting for our layers this spring. Their netting is well made, and ready to handle the daily wear and tear of farm life. Use Code: CoveyRise2020 for 10% off your order.


 i Series Energizer Remote & Fault Finder

Quickly and easily locate and repair electric fence faults. ​The remote pinpoints an electric fence fault within the monitored zone and enables you to turn off your i Series energizer during repair and on again once the repair is complete. We use this item daily! Use Code: CoveyRise2020 for 10% off your order.

Turbo Wire and Reels

If you want to make a regenerative ag farmer happy this holiday give them the gift of no daily move frustration. These reels make the daily livestock move a breeze, while the turbo wire assures that their animals respect the wire and their boundaries. Use Code: CoveyRise2020 for 10% off your order.

The Gallagher Chargers are the perfect starting point for any farmer. We love our charger and their products. Their warranty works and their customer service is superior. Use Code: CoveyRise2020 for 10% off your order.

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