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Our 1st year of Marriage

Posted by Kerissa Payne on

I have heard mixed reviews on year one of marriage. Some will say the first year was amazing, we explored the world and life together. Others may say nothing changed in their relationship. The other group, the group we fall into will say it was hard. 

We struggled to manage intimacy, our business stress, our life stress, our family drama, and pleasing everyone. Yet, together all of the hard times, all of the rough decisions, were made together. We didn't expect to still be living in our camper, or have to buy a walk in freezer so quickly. Yet, we did expect to have each other, and the support we both bring to the table. We have learned to forgive, and push each other's buttons. We have learned to love the way God loves us, and to forgive the way God forgives us. We have learned to compromise and adjust, but we didn't do this without help.

The one thing that has helped us, has been our marriage journal and the questions we ask each other throughout the week. How can I help/pray for you? It may sound silly, but asking your partner what would help them, takes a weight off of their shoulder and allows you to help your spouse or partner in the best way possible. Each week the journal asks you questions, and provides a little conversation starter to start you off. The reading is pretty small, but enough to invoke thought.


"Your priorities reveal where you are dedicating your efforts.. Sometimes we fall into habits and routines that don't truly reflect what is most important to us. We get lazy. We fall into the trap of pursuing what's easy over what's valuable".

I asked Charlie, how do I prioritize you?




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  • A marriage formed from faith in God has a solid and secure foundation that will bless you…God, our Heavenly Father…and those around you! May God bless you!

    Kathy on

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