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Discover Prime-Quality, Dry-Aged Beef from Covey Rise: Direct to Your Doorstep

Posted by Kerissa Payne on

Discover Prime-Quality, Dry-Aged Beef from Covey Rise: Direct to Your Doorstep

Discover Prime-Quality, Dry-Aged Beef from Covey Rise: Direct to Your Doorstep

At Covey Rise, we're not your traditional butcher shop - we're something even better. We offer butcher case quality beef, meticulously selected, dry-aged, and USDA inspected, delivered straight to your door on dry ice. Our commitment to providing the finest cuts of beef extends beyond the ordinary, ensuring that every bite is an experience worth savoring. Butcher shops near you may offer a variety, but we offer it all! Every style cut, even ones not listed are an option. How can we offer it all? We don't buy in beef in bulk like butcher shops, we raise it and get every last cut back. We believe in respecting the animal, and not letting anything go to waste. 

Prime Quality, Raised with Care

When you choose Covey Rise, you're choosing prime-quality, dry-aged beef, and heritage pork raised by our amazing family. As first-generation producers, we've transitioned from the suburbs to the countryside, pursuing our passion for raising exceptional cattle you can't find in the grocery store. Every animal is raised with care and attention to ensure optimal health and well-being, resulting in beef of unparalleled quality and flavor.

From Our Family to Yours

We believe in more than just providing quality meat - we strive to create a connection between you and the hands that raised it. When you enjoy Covey Rise beef, you're not just enjoying a meal; you're experiencing the culmination of our hard work, dedication, and passion for producing the best possible dry aged beef and pastured pork.

Why Choose Direct-to-Consumer?

Many people search butcher shops near them for prime beef, but the truth is that farmers and ranchers selling direct to consumer often offer even better beef. As a small producer, we don't have the marketing budget of a gourmet grocery market. Instead, we rely on our product to speak for itself. And trust us, it does.

Experience the Covey Rise Difference

Join us in experiencing the Covey Rise difference. From our prime-quality, dry-aged beef to our direct-to-consumer approach, we're dedicated to providing you with an exceptional culinary experience that you won't find anywhere else. Explore our selection of premium cuts, conveniently shipped to your doorstep, and taste the difference for yourself.

At Covey Rise, it's not just about meat - it's about family, passion, and a commitment to excellence. Welcome to the Covey Rise family.

Visit CoveyRiseBeef.com to learn more and order your premium-quality, dry-aged beef today.

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