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Return the Box & Enjoy the Gift

Sustain, Share, and Earn with Our Box Returns Program!

Dear Loyal Customers,

We're thrilled to introduce our Return a Box Program! Not only are you contributing to sustainability and community support, but you'll now be rewarded with a delicious treat for your commitment.

How to Prep the Box for Return:

  1. Cover the Perishable label of the box, you can use paper, or a blank label. Then write our address on it:
        2423 North HWY 23
        Hoxie, Kansas 67740

  2. Cover the Postage Label used to mail your meat box with a piece of paper or a blank label. 

  3. Find a new book, or an old book laying around to put inside your box. It has to be a book. Place the book in the center of the box, protected by the packaging material we use. 

  4. Tape the box to keep it closed.

  5. Take the box to your local post office and tell them you need to mail a media rate package with donated books.

  6. Pay a small postage fee $4-$8

Get Rewarded

  • For every returned box, you'll receive a special thank-you: 2lbs of our premium dry aged ground beef gifted on your next order.
  • Your gift will be automatically applied to your next purchase as a token of our gratitude for your eco-conscious efforts.

Why Return?

1. Sustainability

Contribute to our eco-friendly packaging initiative and reduce environmental waste. Not only this more sustainable for our planet, its more sustainable for our small business. Each box and packaging material costs our business $20, that's before postage, dry ice and other material.

2. Community Impact

Support our book donation program, bringing the joy of reading to rural communities like Hoxie, Kansas.

3. Earn Delicious Rewards

Enjoy the convenience of a tasty reward, 2lbs of our premium ground beef, on your next order. For every box you return we will gift you 2 free pounds of ground beef on us.

Join the Movement

Help us make a difference—one box at a time. Return, share, and earn with The Covey Rise Farms Box Return Program. Together, we're creating a more sustainable, connected, and flavorful world.