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Our Shipping Process

Secure Meat Shipping Process with Extended Frozen Capability

Welcome to our streamlined meat shipping process, where we prioritize the safe and worry-free delivery of your premium cuts. At the core of our commitment to quality is our custom insulated box liners, carefully designed to redefine temperature-control packaging for your prized meats.

Innovative Liners Ensuring Meat Quality

Our cutting-edge material liners feature a lightweight insulated material, ensuring optimal insulation while remaining recyclable and reusable. Each Liner can be reused by our farm 5-6 times, while continuing to provide optimal insultation for your meat and providing our customers a great peace of mind.

Peace of Mind for Your Meat Order

Our shipping boxes are equipped with PopupLiner 2-Piece line and dry ice, boast the remarkable ability to remain frozen for an impressive 72 hours. All of our packages arrive within 3 days of shipment. This extended frozen capability ensures your premium cuts reach their destination in optimal condition, providing peace of mind for your order.

Order with Confidence

At Covey Rise Farms, we prioritize the integrity of your meat order. Our enhanced meat shipping process, featuring PopupLiner 2-Piece thermal box liners and extended frozen capability, sets the standard for temperature-control packaging. Trust us to deliver your premium cuts with precision, reliability, and an unwavering commitment to meat quality and freshness.