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How to Raise High Quality Angus Beef & Heritage Pork

Posted by Kerissa Payne on

Angus Cattle to eat

Experience the Best with Prime Angus Beef from Covey Rise Farms

At Covey Rise Farms, we believe that quality begins with the best genetics. When it comes to producing prime Angus beef, starting with superior genetics is non-negotiable. Our commitment to high-quality Gardiner Angus genetics ensures that our beef consistently reaches prime grade, boasting marbling that often rivals wagyu.

The Importance of Quality Genetics in your Farm or Homestead

Whether you are raising cattle for personal use or to sell high-quality beef, the foundation is critical. Investing in top-tier Angus genetics is the first step towards achieving prime beef. Unlike farms that settle for cattle from the sale barn, we prioritize genetic excellence to produce beef that surpasses grocery store quality. At Covey Rise Farms, I want the beef I raise to be something that I am proud of, one that I know is in the top 1% off beef, and at the end of the day top quality beef starts with genetics. 

Raising Quality Pork

While we specialize in Angus beef, we understand the importance of quality in all aspects of livestock farming. If you’re considering raising pork to sell and support your family’s meat supply, avoid breeds like the Kunekune pigs pig. Despite their smaller size, they are not cost-effective. Porkchops from this breed will be toddler size, by that I mean it will never produce enough pork. Anyone who has these breeds never stays with them for meat production. Instead, opt for classic breeds such as Hereford, Old Spot, or Berkshire pigs. These breeds not only produce better meat but are also known for their gentle temperament when properly handled. Pigs and cattle require work and time for them to be gentle. If you don't develop a relationship with them, don't expect them to be gentle. 

Feeding for Prime Marbling

Producing prime Angus beef goes beyond genetics. The feeding process plays a crucial role in achieving that perfect marbling. At Covey Rise Farms, we feed our cattle slower than conventional methods. This approach allows the fat to develop evenly, creating well-spaced marbling that melts in your mouth like butter.

Sustainable Finishing Practices

The final step in producing prime Angus beef is the finishing process. Whether opting for a grass-fed or grain-fed finish, the quality of the soil and the sustainability of the feed are paramount. Exceptional soil quality is essential for a grass-fed finish they areas that have this are rare, and the money it takes to achieve this is not something most people have. Most beef producers finish on a corn or barley ration. This can provide an excellent alternative to a grass-finished beef and is more sustainable. One mistake we made early on in our business and our homestead was sourcing rare feed not available in our area. This will cost your business long term. Trucking in feed not grown in your area isn't a long term solution. Instead source as locally as you can. We prefer locally sourced feeds that may not have a white washed Non-GMO or Organic label, but we know and can insure how the crop was raised, grown, treated, and harvested. Carbon foot prints look so different compared to where you live. We make it a priority to buy grain, and quality ingredients such as distillers and minerals to help our cows live happy long lives, and our beef to finish sustainably. For a cow to be raised sustainably, there needs to be a balance between the environment, equity, and economy. It's based on the idea that humans and nature need each other to survive, and that sustainability is about creating and maintaining conditions that allow them to do so in harmony. 

Why Choose Covey Rise Farms?

At Covey Rise Farms, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality Angus beef. Our focus on superior Angus genetics, optimal feeding practices, and sustainable finishing methods sets us apart. We guarantee that our beef will deliver the tenderness, flavor, and marbling you expect from prime Angus beef and you will get to know your rancher and farmer along the way.

Experience the difference that quality makes. Choose Covey Rise Farms for your prime Angus beef and taste the excellence that starts with the best genetics and ends with exceptional farming practices.

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