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Is Bobbie Formula Worth it?

Posted by Kerissa Payne on

Is Bobbie Formula Worth it?

Is Bobbie Formula Worth the Money?

The Short Answer is YES! Now here is why. We raise premium pasture raised meat, we eat healthy and have chosen to buy better quality food for our own health. As I result of this lifestyle choice we have made sacrifices to eat better and we wanted the same for our daughter. I have suffered from an autoimmune disease since college and gastrointestinal issues my entire life. After a long health journey, I have been able to heal many of my issues and still eat things that make me happy. 

Stomach Issues from Childhood

After I began to eat better at home, and skipped the drive through line, I noticed a night and day difference with my health. I no longer struggled with stomach issues, but one of my biggest fears was that may child could. I have seen babies suffer from gas and tummy pain. I was once one of those babies, so for me it  was extremally important when we picked out a formula.

I breastfed our daughter, until it became clear I could no longer keep up with the amount of milk that she needed. Between working a fulltime job, running our growing business full time and being a pumping new mom, something had to give. I couldn't do it all, and my job and our business were what paid the bills, so pumping came in last.

Bobbie Formula Bottle

Similac Vs. Bobbie

We had tried a formula from the pediatrician, before we tried Bobbie, and it was horrible for us. Sadie, our daughter, was in pain, gassy, and fussy. I judged myself shortly after for not being able to exclusively feed her breast milk. I had heard stories of my childhood, how I struggled with gas pain and to poop, and if I am being honest, I wanted to try everything in my power to avoid that for my child because I was afraid it would follow her into her adulthood. When Bobbie came, I wasn't 100% sold. I was worried it would be like every other formula on the market and her body would respond negatively to the formula style milk.

I wasn't Sold on Bobbie from the Beginning.

I was wrong, not only did she not have gas, but she took off. She began to exceed her predicted growth charts, she ate her bottle, and sometimes wanted more. She didn't have gas, and she pooped great! She had been growing proportionally before and that wasn't a concern for our doctor, but she exceeded the doctors expectations after she began to drink Bobbie. We had no constipation, and she pooped every day, just as she had on my breast milk. She was happy and thriving and for me that was what I needed. I would recommend everyone try it, even if you have a sensitive little one, because this formula changed our life.

Bobbie Formula Positives

Their Service

Their customer service is amazing, they have went above and beyond to answer my questions. My milk always arrives ahead of their predicted schedule, its automatic, so I don't have to remember. I can also change the subscription at any point in time and its easy!

The milk also mixes great, it doesn't cake to the top like some other brands. It dissolves and mixes naturally. I also appreciate that their cans are reusable for household hacks, as sustainability is important to our family.

Bobbie Formula Coupon

Not All Dairy is the same!

It was hard to find a grass-fed milk formula, that was designed by moms, with a EU style ingredient list, that was made in America. I wanted grass-fed milk for her, because I know that I have done better digestively with grass-fed products. If they are easier for me to digest, I know they in theory should be easier for her. I have switched to grass-fed milk or at times raw milk for myself, and goat cheese, or Non-GMO unpasteurized cheese, which has allowed me to eat dairy again. Just because one type of dairy didn't work for me, doesn't mean all dairy is off the table. As a result of my autoimmune condition, I sought out a brand that I personally felt comfortable with, and that I thought would allow her to be her best self.

Not only is the Bobbie Formula made right here  in America, which was also important to me, but it is also a company owned by REAL moms, not some mega company. As a small business owner, I want to support likeminded women, who empower people like myself to achieve their dreams, and be the woman God has called them to be. This company did just that!


Explore Bobbie Formula! See for yourself why I love it!

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