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Regular Bacon
Regular Bacon
Regular Bacon

Regular Bacon

$15.99 USD

This is the bacon that all bacon wants to be! This bacon is cold smoked, naturally cured, and cut thick. Our Heritage hogs, raised right and fed a non-gmo feed with no additives or hormones give our pork a great porky flavor and deep rich color. Our pigs are born on pasture on our farm and live out their days exploring meadows and wood lots.

Covey Rise Pork

  • Pastured raised from farrow to finish!
  • Non-GMO fed and allowed to root and forage
  • No Antibiotics or implants ever used.
  • No Nitrates and all natural ingredients in Sausage and Bacon

Hogs have always been Kerissa’s favorite animal to raise. When we started rising hogs we had no idea what to expect but we soon fell in love with their unique personalities. While we have raised a variety of breeds over the years, we have settled on raising primarily Heritage Breeds including Red Wattle’s, Herefords, Berkshire, and Old Spot hogs, typically in a hybrid of those breeds. Our hogs are born and raised on the farm and get to spend their time roaming our pastures, sometimes a little too freely. All of our hogs are processed in our small, family-owned USDA processing facility and all of our sausage, bacon, and hams are nitrate and gluten free along with being made with clean and easy to pronounce ingredients. We can’t wait for you to taste the difference in our pasture raised and heritage pork!

Charlie and Kerissa