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Bavette Steak, Angus Beef, Dry Aged
Bavette Steak, Angus Beef, Dry Aged
Bavette Steak, Angus Beef, Dry Aged

Bavette Steak

$29.00 USD $35.00 USD

Unleash the culinary potential of Covey Rise Farms Angus Bavette Steak, a cut that seamlessly combines robust flavor with remarkable tenderness. Sourced from our premium Angus cattle, the Bavette Steak offers a delectable dining experience that captures the essence of superior beef.

Key Features:

  1. Distinctive Beefy Flavor: Immerse yourself in the bold, distinctive beef flavor that characterizes Covey Rise Farms Angus Bavette Steak, creating a savory experience for true beef enthusiasts.

  2. Buttery Tenderness: Known for its exquisite tenderness, the Bavette Steak ensures a melt-in-your-mouth sensation that elevates your steak enjoyment to new heights.

  3. Versatile Cooking Options: Whether grilled, pan-seared, or broiled, the Bavette Steak adapts effortlessly to various cooking methods, providing flexibility for culinary creativity.

  4. Perfectly Marbled: Revel in the perfect marbling of our Angus Bavette Steak, ensuring each slice is infused with succulence and a juicy texture that defines premium beef.

At Covey Rise Farms, our commitment to quality and flavor shines through in every cut. The Angus Bavette Steak is a testament to this dedication, offering a delightful balance of richness and tenderness for a truly memorable dining experience.

Elevate your culinary repertoire with Covey Rise Farms Angus Bavette Steak. Order now and savor the robust flavor and remarkable tenderness that our responsibly raised Angus beef brings to your table.