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Butcher Box or Covey Club?

Posted by Kerissa Payne on

Butcher Box Review

Butcher Box, Moink, and Crowd Cow are all well known subscription boxes, delivering meat directly to customer's doors. They are a 3rd party buying meat from farmer's and then reselling & distributing it to all of you. They are not alone in their effort to bring food to families tables across the US, but unfortunately its not always in the best interest of the farmer. Farmer's face small margins in their meat business, the difference between wholesale, and retail (direct to consumer) could be a families livelihood. These companies often also have massive venture capital budgets behind them allowing them to offer loss leaders and massive marketing budgets to help attract a constant new wave of customers, but it comes at a cost. It creates a misconception of what food should really cost, and hurts farmer's trying to make a living raising meat.


When you subscribe to our Covey Club, you join a family. Each month you get a text, asking you what your preferences are for that month. We want to go beyond filling your freezer, we want your box to exceed your families needs, fuel your family with our naturally raised meats, and leave your family with a relationship with your farmer.

We are a small family farm, we have a few seasonal employees, but manage 95% of the work ourselves. Your box will not be packed in a warehouse or by a different person each time, it will be packed by our family on our farm.


Every cut you receive  was not only sourced from 1 animal, it was raised by us and our family. You will know where your meat comes from, and the people who raised it. That relationship to us, is truly what matters most, seeing your excitement for your box, fuels us on the hard days and the great days.


Please text us with any questions you may have, you won't be talking to a automation, you will be texting with us, the farmer, and owner's of Covey Rise Farms.

 TEXT US: 614-762-9812

(Don't forget to accept the link, or we won't be able to see your text)


Reviews from fellow Covey Club Members below:




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  • We love our Covey Club subscription! It is convenient and the quality of the meat is superior.

    Traci on

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