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The Best Baby Bottles

Posted by Kerissa Payne on

The Best Baby Bottles

The Best Baby Bottles

Glass Baby Bottles

There are so many lists out there, but lets face it, they change every year and with each baby. What worked 5 years ago may not be the best solution for you today. So today I want to discuss Baby Bottles, there are a bunch of them, but here is what worked best for our baby. 

The best bottles I have found are the Mason Bottle Company. They are easy to clean, dishwasher safe, and have a breast like nipple. We included a coupon at the bottom for 15% off your first purchase. 


My worry about Glass Bottles:

Glass Baby Bottle

I knew I wanted glass bottles because I am not a fan of plastic, but I worried about breaking them, so I bought the rubber sleeves. If I am being honest, I don't use the rubber sleeves now at all, I am sure I will once Sadie starts holding the bottle her self, but for now I am living life on the edge.


(For all those clumsy moms out there) I have dropped these bottles... a lot.. on hardwood, asphalt, dirt, and I am sure I am missing some other places, but my point is the only thing I have broke is the plastic storage lid, never the bottle


Next Concern most Bottle Company's Pitch

Gas concerns! We breastfed and supplemented with formula and have had no issue with gas from the bottle. Our daughter has the same GI tract as she had on the breast as she does on the bottle.

Easy to Clean Meant Less bottles

This was so true! I can't say hate, but lets face it I strongly dislike doing dishes, and we have a dishwasher.. I am also a busy mom, like all of you, and if I forget a bottle in the truck, I didn't want it to be masked with that odor for ever. I bought 5 tall bottles, like below, and that is all I need. I wash them in the dishwasher, heat up the glass bottles, and I don't dislike cleaning them. You don't need a special tool or anything, a basic rag will clean them

Breast Milk Storage

When to Introduce the Bottles

We introduced the bottles early on, we started on week 2 and I am so glad we did! It allowed her to accept a bottle with ease, and without fuss. I recommend starting the bottle sooner rather than later and always ask your nurse or pediatrician.

Charlie his daughter her first bottle


Con's of this bottle

The only con's we had with the bottle is that you will want to make sure the bottle ring lid is on just right and test it before you feed. If it is not on just right, it will leak. The second con is that sometimes the bottle cap can get in the way while feeding. However these were not anything that bothered us enough to not love the bottles.

What Bottles to Buy!

I bought 5 of the large bottles, and the baby food kit for smaller bottles and baby food storage. You will want the smaller bottles early on, and then you will quickly transition to the larger bottles around month 3, at least that is what worked for us.

Why Mason Bottles

I wanted bottles that would also serve as multi-purpose and not sit in a tote until we decided to have another child. The mason bottles are perfect for our family because they will grow with us, and not be another short term baby item we outgrow. They can be used for bottles, baby food, snack storage, breast milk storage, drink cups for toddlers, and much more. 


15% Affiliate Code: BabyPayne

I liked the bottles so much after getting them, that I signed up for their affiliate program to give other moms a discount on their orders. We only sign up for products we love and would never recommend a product we don't support 100%.

Feeding Sadie out of glass bottle

Questions regarding the Mason Bottles?

Please don't hesitate to text me with questions: 614-762-9812 or email me. As a mom, I know these decisions are hard, and my hope is that through my experience I can help you make it a little bit easier.

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