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1 Pan Dinners

Posted by Kerissa Payne on

1 Pan Dinners

One Pan Dinner Idea's

1 Pan Dinners are my favorite type of meal! The less dishes the better! My cooking moto is the more you can fit into the pan the better!

This week in our weekly special we included 6 different meals you can make ahead of time or in 1 single pan!

  • 1 Spatchcock Chicken
  • 2pks of Pork Brats
  • 2pks of Chicken Brats
  • 2pks of Ground Beef
  • 2pks of Southern Bulk Sausage
  • 2 Small Pork Shoulders

Dinner Idea's for the Week

  1. Sheet pan Chicken Dinner, sprinkled with baby potatoes, peppers, onions, carrots
  2. Pork Kabobs, grill them or throw them in the oven. Don't have kabob sticks handy? That's fine use what you got and just throw them in the pan
  3. Crescent roll's with chicken brats inside
  4. Can't go wrong with Taco's, Taco boats, Taco in a bag, Taco in a bowl with just rice because lets face it our lettuce went bad before today, that's okay
  5. Breakfast Hash with our Southern Sausage. This is a one pan wonder that you can literally eat all week and its great for using whatever you have in the kitchen 
  6. Carnitas, loaded nachos, loaded baked potatoes, or pulled pork sliders. This recipe is hearty and can go great all week and on the go.

Follow the Links above for Different Recipe Ideas for the Week! Like this list?

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